How to Intensify Your Workouts

Posted: November 11, 2013

Good for you that you get to the gym, or do a home workout on a regular basis, however the key is to intensify your workouts, NOT make them longer. Sometimes we wish we could have a trainer to push us a bit harder, and get more out of our workouts. Some of us wish we knew some of the tricks that trainers use to really make a workout count. Well, here are some examples of things to add to your workout. Intensity is the way to changing your physique and your endurance level. Try some of these tips out, and see how you feel at the end of the workout. Remember, always hydrate, eat about an hour before, and drink a post workout shake within 30 minutes after your training session. 
Tips to Intensify your Workouts:
* Jump rope for 60 Seconds between every 2 exercises.
* Instead of the same # of reps for each set, do each exercise for 30 seconds. Keep form perfect.
* Use the “ladder method”. For example, if doing kettlebell swings, start with 20 swings. Rest for 20 seconds, go for 19 swings, rest for 19 seconds, go for 18 swings, rest for 18 seconds…etc…this is an ass kicker!
* Run to a designated spot and back between  e every 4th  exercise.
* Go from upper to lower body moves in sets of 10 with 4 exercises…complete this 3 X
Example: 10 Bodyweight squats – 10 Push-ups – 10 Jump Squats – 10 Rope or Bent over rows
repeat this 3X.
* Make one day a week, a legs and buns only day. (You’ll need the recovery)
20 Bodyweight squats
rest 30 seconds
20 Walking Lunges
rest 30 seconds
10 Jump Squats
rest 30 seconds
10 Barbell Squats
rest 1 minute
10 Box Jumps
rest 1 minute
10 Alternating Switch Leg Jump Lunges
rest 1 minute
10 Goblet Squats
repeat entire sequence 2 X
Workouts like this will torch calories, get you stronger, leaner and increase your endurance. Always keep your form perfect, warm up before all workouts, and cool down with some slow stretches after.
Intensity is key if you want changes to be seen. 
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