How to Keep Your Metabolism on FIRE!

Posted: December 29, 2013

Keeping your metabolism on fire is actually quite easy. There are more ways to keeping it revved up, than there are to slow it down. Unfortunately, people do most of the things in the quest for fat loss that slow it down instead of keeping it on fire.

Today I will give you a teaser. You see, I recently published an E-Book. The book is a very user friendly Book of Smoothie recipes to keep your body nourished, detoxified, and ready to hit the gym. It also gives you an easy to follow guide to why, when and how certain macro nutrients are needed to get your body lean, and strong.

Not only will you get access to over 40 recipes, there are two bonus gifts included.

Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health

Grocery List for Life

AND the subject here: How to Keep your Metabolism on Fire.

Here is just a taste of the bonus….


Thermogenic foods – they have metabolism enhancing properties.

Protein with every meal. Plant based as in Sunwarrior that supplies the full amino acid profile, and Isagenix IsaLean and IsaPro Protein powders are a needed addition to anyone that wants gains in muscle, and loss of fat.

Vegetables that are loaded with fiber.
Beans and avocados.

Healthy Fats as in Coconut Oil, Fatty Fishes, Fish Oils.


Simple Carbs as in Pastas, pastries, fruit juices, white rice, white sugars….these will cause your blood sugar to spike. When it comes back down, your body immediately craves more of these metabolic saboteurs.

If you would like a detailed list of the foods that keep you lean, and a grocery list that you could live on, then learn about how to make your body into a fat burning machine instead of a fat storing machine!

Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health the Simplest way to the new lean and strong you!

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It feels good to take control. You CAN do it this year!


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