How to live to be 100 and ward off disease

Posted: April 24, 2018

Most people when asked, don’t want to live to be 100 years of age. I’m going to give you a video with Centenarians tips on how to live to be 100 and ward off disease?

Why don’t most people want to live that long? Because they don’t want to live in a nursing home. They don’t want to lose their independence, and they don’t want someone to have to take care of them.

Living a happy, healthy life should be everyone’s goals. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line comes illness, medication, job loss, divorce and maybe even depression.

Most of us are overweight, underfed and not happy. Most of us are living sedentary lives and wondering how time flew by as we wish we had done things differently.

What if you started every day with habits that kept your mind AND body healthy? What if you found out today some key fundamentals to living well past your 80s?

Imagine living free from disease and without taking medications…vital…confident..and ready to take on MORE years?

The Human Longevity Project is a 9 part documentary that took 2 years to film. You can watch it for FREE when you click on the blue link.

Every one of us wants to do more than survive. We all want to live long and happy lives surrounded by friends, family and loved ones…FREE FROM DISEASE, pain and the inability to take care of ourselves.

PLEASE join me and watch this powerful movie when you click >>>THE HUMAN LONGEVITY PROJECT.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share with your loved one’s ways to ward off obesity?¬†Ways to be happy and feel connected to nature, life, faith, and family? Even if life has handed you a horrible deck of cards, each one of us deserves to be loved while living in vital bodies that take us into the happiest years of our lives.

Longevity does not mean living long and lonely. It means finding ways to be the happiest, and strongest with daily tips, tools, and ideas from those that do it every day!

Sharing ways for us to live in bodies we love for 100 years!



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