How to Lose Weight After Menopause

Posted: March 30, 2023

As a woman over 50, I understand the battle of weight gain as we age. I am a gym owner, that has coached women for 25+ years, on how to slim down without extreme diets. If you want to know how to lose weight after menopause, the first thing you have to change is how you think.

Most women are still stuck with trying to cut out entire food groups, and are barely eating. The next attempt, is to start doing some form of cardio, which can make weight loss harder.

I know that may be shocking and may make you want to not listen to me. But..preventing muscle loss is the way to a firm body with a faster metabolism.

There is a reason I am a successful weight-loss coach. Women LOVE working with me, is because my methods are not focused on calories. They are also not focused on what you are not “allowed” to eat, or drink.

My methods work, and help women FEEL amazing, FEEL younger, and FEEL energized. This is due to a shift in how you think about food. It is also not revolved around eating boring foods or feeling miserable. We all have done that for decades, right?

When I was at my heaviest…I was doing cardio two times daily, or back-to-back aerobic classes, eating low-fat, and starving. My hormones were so screwed up, I ended up miserable, mad, and fatter.

Fortunately, I met someone that showed me how to get results. Although I didn’t really believe in her methods at first…when I finally started using them, my body changed. I dropped two pants sizes and felt amazing without starving or going to a gym.

Ladies. Here is the reason women battle weight gain and can’t keep it off.

When you diet and cut calories, you lose muscle.

Muscle is the ONLY metabolically active tissue on your body, so when you lose it, you need to eat less to maintain your weight.

Now, when you eat even the littlest bit more, you gain back even more weight in the form of fat.

BUT…if you use my method that prevents losing muscle and lets you eat foods you love, it’s a win-win situation. My proven method has you doing movement patterns that prevent muscle loss. The program also has you eating foods that are delicious, and that prevent muscle loss, but help with FAT LOSS.

If you are tired of your weight going up and down. Tired of hormones and age being the thing you are blaming…but want to re-shape your figure….CLICK HERE AND SEE WHY WOMEN LOVE TO WORK WITH ME. This program is geared for the busy you, that doesn’t have time to work out for hours, and isn’t a five star chef. It’s simple, and you’ll see a difference that is realistic within the first week.

Pretty soon, you’ll have the answer for your friends, on how to lose weight after menopause, and to NEVER find it again!

Here’s me at 63.

I’ll be here for you – and your success – And I belive in you, no matter what has not worked in the past.

Coach Dawn

P.s. If you are nearing or over 50, and want to watch a video on another program with personal coaching, CLICK HERE TO GET CONNECTED TO ME and watch my video. Both programs have you eating real food, and you’ll never have to step foot into a gym;)

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