How to Raise Your Metabolism

Posted: October 21, 2022

As we age, our metabolic rate slows down. This is usually due to a loss of muscle from a more sedentary lifestyle. I will tell you how to raise your metabolism and keep it raised, no matter your age!

First, let’s talk about some reasons you may have a metabolic rate that is “on hold.”

It could be from cutting too many calories, and your body is storing fat for survival.

Maybe you spend most of your time sitting, and you need to engage in activity.

Possibly you have done so much cardio, that your body is also storing fat…yes, this is a thing, ladies!

Even if you think your metabolic rate is completely shut off, you can turn it back on with a few simple tools.

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Know that it is possible to get leaner while looking and feeling youthful and vital.

When you learn how to raise your metabolism and practice these tips…you’ll be on your way to the slimmest happiest you!

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