How to Tone Your Body after 40

Posted: March 1, 2023

If you are over 40, then you most likely have tried diets, books on dieting, and hours of cardio. What you are looking for is how to tone your body after 40! If you’re reading this, you’ve experienced days of starvation, and one or many of the thousands of gimmicks that simply don’t work.

How do I know they don’t work? Because you are here. You want support from a WOMAN that has gone through it all. And, you want to be healthy, slim, strong, and live with vitality for MANY years.

Right? Right.

So, the first thing we have to change is HOW we think about food, dieting, and exercise. And then when we are open to changing that relationship…we WILL get to our long-term goals of NEVER having to even use the word diet again.

People always ask me “what diet do you follow?” And, want to know, how to tone your body over 40.
My answer?

“There is no diet called the “Dawn diet,” and, we have different needs during each day, and at different times in our lives…so our nutrients must change as well.

Two things are necessary to slim down for good and to have energy. Also so that you don’t keep gaining the weight back.

1. You need enough calories to support every system including your metabolism,or it will simply shut down. However, your calories should come from protein, complex carbs from an assortment of vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats. When you lose weight from cutting out too many calories or skimping on protein, you lose mainly muscle, which SLOWS down your metabolism, forcing your body to STORE excess fat.

2. You MUST do activities that prevent muscle loss, and build NEW muscle tissue. This is how to have a faster metabolic rate. Sarcopenia is the Latin word for “age-related-muscle-loss” which IS preventable! Too much cardio, or ONLY doing cardio depletes necessary muscle tissue, making you look flabbier- even if the scale is down.

Your goals should be to eat a nutrient diet, and cut out processed foods while doing movements and exercises that encourage building muscle.

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This is how you will lose fat, look lean, get firm, and live a strong and vital life!

Here for your success!

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