Hypothyroid Disease Explained

Posted: March 7, 2020

I wish that someone believed me when I kept telling doctors that something was wrong. I had nearly all of the symptoms, but was never even tested. When I had my hypothyroid disease explained to me…it STILL didn’t make sense.

My mother was diagnosed 40 years prior to me. She was told that she had to take a pill for the rest of her life. She didn’t ask questions. And, the doctors never explained anything about what that meant.

When my mom got sick years later…I had many questions! She was too fatigued to figure it out. Laying on the couch in a fog. Too tired to cook or get up with odd aches and a depressed state.

Her belly was bloated, and she was constipated. Her hair was falling out, and she was cold. What was going on with her? It was very scary and I was desperate to find out why.

None of this made sense and it came on out of no-where. Never did her primary care doctor mention that it could be her thyroid. When I asked about it…the doctors had no clue!

We wanted hypothyroid disease explained!

Finally, she met with an odd type of doctor for those days. This doctor actually asked her about her symptoms! They said that her thyroid had changed after menopause, and she needed a new blood workup.

After she found out that her medication was not working properly, she was put on new meds. Thankfully this worked…but only for a while.

She still had brain fog. Then she had these odd joint pains. From joint pains to digestive issues…she got sick again.

I was younger then and not as educated as I am now. Not only am I educated and older…I started to feel poorly like she did when I was nearing my mid 30s!

No way was I going to go through what she did! That’s when I decided to take both of our health into my own hands.

I paid thousands of dollars out of pocket to go to the most cutting edge health care practitioners. I took notes. Asked questions, and ended up becoming an “expert” to my mom and friends.

When friends started to go through changes with hormones, I had a list of questions for them to ask their doctors. I helped them take back some level of control when they went so they were not intimidated.

The list asked about hormones, symptoms, what they felt like and what they USED to feel like.

They knew that a simple TSH test was only the beginning. If you are losing your hair, sleeping but still tired, gaining weight and eating great…you may have a thyroid issue.

I had SO many women asking me for help…I kept saying “I’m not a doctor…but here’s a list of things to ask”…

…and they wanted to know more!


I created a blueprint of questions to ask…and of the most common symptoms.

I made lists and gave women ideas on weight loss, digestive health, and how to do just enough exercise to feel great. But…not enough to make you feel worse.

I used to diet and exercise to extremes. Then I burned out. Not only did I gain weight when exercising…I was harming my metabolism and didn’t even know it!

Be in the know. Click on the link HERE and read my story.

Maybe you have a hormonal imbalance. Possibly you have a thyroid disorder or are “on the fence” with your test results.

When you walk into a doctor’s office, you want a list of questions so that they will listen…and help you.

I want to help because I had no-one to listen. I want you to feel, move and look better than ever and feel empowered.

Click here and see how to feel optimistic again!

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