Hypothyroid Support Information

Posted: February 4, 2020

The internet is loaded with information that is sometimes hard to sift through. You may wonder what is the best source if you’ve got a disorder. I’m going to help you with hypothyroid support information.

It took me years to get diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My conventional doctor wouldn’t even do a simple test. Although I had many symptoms, I didn’t have the most common ones at first.

The thyroid is a tricky and complex gland. It controls your body temperature, your moods, and your metabolic rate.

You may have suspected that you have low thyroid. I did and my mother had been diagnosed 40 years before me. But still, my doctor wouldn’t believe that it was anything but aging.

As a gym owner and fitness professional that had coached women only for years, I had heard the stories.

Stories of doctor appointments and tests that not a single woman understood. Unanswered questions, confusion, and stress.

That’s what made the difference for me. I wanted and needed answers.

When we turn 40, it seems that everything in our bodies changes. Some days, we look into the mirror and don’t even recognize ourselves.

That was me.

My energy was sporadic. One day lively, the next day in a near coma. The next day sweating and the next day my hands and feet were freezing.

That’s exactly what thyroid disorders do to you. And, that’s where I will come in as your friend.

Hypothyroid Support Information is my passion.

Helping women take back control is what I’ve done for years.

No, it’s not about a trendy diet with a name or an hour of exercise. It’s not even about finding a “cure” to what ails you.

What nearly every woman needs is a list of questions to ask the right health care professional.

Finding an integrative health care specialist that LISTENS and CARES is the best beginning you can find.

What I will provide you with in my THYROID BLUEPRINT is what to do next.

Please click on one of the blue links and begin your healing process. Be the person that walks into the doctor without anxiety. Take back your life and know what to ask, and what tests mean when you get the results.

And, in case your results come back surprising? You’ll have the next steps to follow on your quest to heal, move, look and feel better than you have in years!

I’m in your corner,


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