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Posted: September 19, 2016

Bench Press Clinic, your tool kit to increase your bench press and never feel like the weak guy again!

Post by: Tim Ross Razor Strength – The Leading Edge in Strength and Muscle

Back in late 2014, I started with a client named Rob who came to me with one sole mission.

We sat down, and the first thing out of his mouth was “I’m sick of being skinny and weak, all I want to do is get jacked”

He told me he had tried programmes he’d bought online, bought mass gainers and all sorts of other supplements, read nearly every article on bodybuilding websites, but he was still stuck.

It seemed like he just wouldn’t grow, no matter how hard he trained, no matter how much he ate.

It was so bad, he even ventured the question – maybe I can’t grow anymore? Could this be my genetic peak?

At this I had to laugh. Because no-one is doomed to be skinny forever, although it might seem like it sometimes.

I actually remember asking my lecturer back in college days the exact same question when I weighed 154lb. How little I knew!

Irrespective of genetics, anyone can get jacked with the right training and nutrition.

So back to Rob – we drew up a plan and he’s never looked back.

Get this… in the 2 years I’ve trained him, he has never stopped progressing. No plateaus, nothing. The weights are still going up consistently and he is ridiculously muscular now. My plan to get a bigger chest faster works for others too!

But it wasn’t always like that…

When he started, he just wanted to stop being called skinny, weak, and scrawny…

…and yet all of the workouts geared towards building muscle that he’d tried hadn’t worked. Sure, he’d had some results, but they weren’t enough that he could call himself muscular.

And you know what? There was a very simple reason why they didn’t work.

They didn’t focus on building strength.

It’s that simple.

If you get strong as hell, muscle size will follow. Have you ever seen a huge bodybuilder struggling to rep out 225lb on the bench press?

If you want monster quads that turn heads, you’re going to need to squat heavy.

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The crazy thing is most people miss out on a killer bench press because they don’t use this simple bench pressing hack.

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Here’s to turning heads at the beach!


** This post was written by my good friend from New Zealand, Tim Ross.

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