Inflammation, the Good, the Bad, and How it Affects Your Health

Posted: November 15, 2013

Inflammation can be good, as a tough workout inflames us, and inflammation can be bad, as in our liver after a night out. How inflammation affects our health has a lot to do with what measures you take to keep the fires down low.

We pretty much die of some form of inflammation. Either our brains, our hearts, our skin, or the entire body if not treated right, will be affected by things that deteriorate our tissues. This “fire” inside of us can be calmed down if we ingest the right foods, and supplements and treat our body to rest. Not only rest, but practices that keep us of calm mind, and calm emotions.

The practices that will make life painful, miserable and prone to illness are smoking, drinking, staying up too late, and a lifetime of stress. All of these things add up over time. Some of them are part of life, some of them are something that we have control over. Taking control over your health is a conscious decision. It is something that you must practice every day so that it becomes a habit or a lifestyle. Just the same as a bad habit becomes a lifestyle, so can making an effort to live a life of wellness.

Here is a list of a few things that might help you in your quest for keeping the inflammation down.

1.  Hydrate with pure water daily. Drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces per day.

2.  Fish Oil capsules are one of the best way to keep inflammation down. Make sure your fish oil is 3rd party tested and mercury free.

3. Turmeric supplements have been used for centuries in India and China. The properties are endless and it it has been said that it wards off everything from strokes, to diabetes, arthritis and liver disease. It is one of the spices that are used in Indian foods and cooking that give the dish the yellowish orange coloring. This can be purchased in bulk at health food stores to cook with, Indian and Chinese grocery stores, and in capsule form.

4.  Yoga and Thai Chi are practices that calm down cortisol levels. Cortisol is a destructive hormone that inflames the entire body. Find ways to keep your body calm, especially at the end of the day.

5.  Coconut Oil, Fatty Fish, Dark Leafy Greens and many other foods listed below are the best ways to keep the inflammation down and our body in top working condition.  Check out this link to see more ways to quell the fires, keep your body calmed down and disease free.

Foods that Fight Inflammation

With the Holiday Season upon us, and the temptation to eat more sugar, drink more alcohol and be a bit more stressed out, give your body what it needs to feel great come January!

In wellness and strength,


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