Instant Relief for Neck Pain

Posted: July 26, 2021

My friend Emily used to suffer from extreme neck and shoulder pain caused by a car accident that wasn’t her fault. She tried many things and even considered surgery…Then she found an instant relief for neck pain that no one told her about.

I had an accident in my 20’s as well. I have had massages, bodywork, and seen chiropractors for decades. Now with a few simple stretches that I do at home daily…I can ditch my OTC meds!

We all know that whether you’ve had an injury or not…neck and shoulder pain is common. Many of us live on laptops and phones with our heads and necks “pitched forward” creating neck and upper back pain.

When we feel pain and tightness in our necks, we can end up with headaches that last for days.

You may have tried many remedies and have self-care tools as we do in our home. Thankfully, this stretch is so simple, that when Emily showed it to me…I was shocked that none of the healers that I had worked with knew this.

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I’ve used foam rollers that can’t get to the right spot. And, I’ve used massagers, and pain creams that barely did a thing.

Suffering from neck pain is something I have lived with for years, and I know so many others that have too!

Emily’s healing methods are so simple, it will shock you that no one ever showed you these if you’ve looked for help.

I even shared it with my current chiropractor, and he is pretty impressed as the motion is so simple, that it really can be done at home…and works.

Isn’t it time you start living an active life again, free from headaches, tightness, and sleepless nights?

This weird stretch is so effective, Emily is now on a mission to share it with as many neck and shoulder pain sufferers as she possibly can.  => This 30-second stretch HEALS neck & shoulder pain 

Since Emily started teaching it, this one simple stretch has helped thousands of neck and shoulder pain sufferers all over the world.

Instant relief for neck pain can be yours as soon as you click on the link and watch Emily’s video.

Stretching in this manner continues to provide relief to the most skeptical people without medication, or spending tons of money or time on things that don’t work or heal… Even me!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong lives, at every age!
Coach Dawn

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