Intensify Your Workouts!

Posted: April 8, 2011

Are you tired of all the contradictions and changing “rules” of how to lift weights? Not sure who is right about lifting slow, or fast, or whose plan to follow? Do I focus on the negative, hold the contraction, use steady state, or intervals? Are these questions boggling your mind? Well, stop right now and focus…..there is only one way, and the magic word is Intensity!  It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5lb dumbbell, or a squat of 125lbs, a plyometric, or an interval. The idea is, you have to be intense when you step up to the plate. You have to plan to succeed.

Intensity is the focus, the visualization, the drive, and finally, the follow through that changes your workout from “ho-hum”, to “Wow, today I just kicked ass”!
It starts way before you get to the gym. You have to have the drive in your mind to succeed. You have to start with a plan, and look forward to accomplishing it. You have to visualize the end result….how it will look, and how it will feel. You drive to the gym with music that gets you pumped, way before you  pick up your first weight. You tell yourself, “today is going to be a great, strong workout”. Your mind is already connecting with your body to accomplish what you have set out to do. Put it this way, you can take two 10lb dumbbells and fling them around while talking to your friend, or you can stop ,take a deep breath, tighten you core and feel the blood pumping to your biceps while you squeeze out every single rep. Now imagine if you did this while lifting heavy, and on every single rep. Now that’s how you get results.
I read an article once written by a top figure competitor. She said she does every single rep as if she were on a stage, being judged. Let me tell you, it was quite obvious by looking at her that she took her workouts seriously! You should too! No-one wants to waste time at the gym. We all want what we want, and we want it quickly. Make it happen sooner, by making every workout count. Visualization is a huge component. This is where the mind, body connection comes into play. 
Know what muscle you are working. Feel the blood pump through your veins to your muscles, as you get stronger. Use your breath for power, and push yourself with every last rep. Leave the gym feeling you gave it your best. This is how you will quickly make a difference in your physique.
Are some days better than others? Are there days that you go to the gym, and your body seems like it won’t cooperate? Of course! But…if you put your mind in the place that you are in control, and change your “inner script” to “I am strong”, and “I can give this my all”, believe me, with practice, you will empower yourself like a pro. Pretty soon, you will look forward to the challenge, each time getting stronger than before. Soon you will start to believe in your words, and your actions will follow. You will be in charge of your strength, your level of fitness, and you will start to look and feel great!! Now go load up that i-pod, push yourself past your normal limit, and make it happen!
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