Is Your CBD Supplement Fake?

Posted: May 2, 2020

I agree with you! It’s really hard to know what you’re getting these days. I’ll bet you’re wondering right now if your CBD Supplement is Fake or not.

Please see the message below from Dr. Jamie Hope at Trust Botanicals. She has very important information to share with you today.

Hi, this is Dr. Jamie Hope, MD, with an important message on what you can do to support your immunity. You can also improve your troubled sleep and promote an overall feeling of calm and control.

More than ever, my #1 suggestion to those I care about most is to use an ancient healing botanical called CBD. But not just any CBD – it must be the CBD I tell you about HERE, and below I’ll explain why. 

In fact, a recent Consumer Reports® survey revealed that people all over the world are successfully using a unique form of CBD.

CBD helps with the following:

• Reducing stress and anxiety (for calm and peace of mind)
• Supporting brain health, mood and happiness
• Helping ease joint, back and body pain
• Trouble falling asleep or sleeping peacefully through the night…

Truth is, if you have ANY of the above issues, this unique form of CBD could really be a godsend for you. And even better, I’ve found a way for you to get it up to 51% OFF today, when you use the special link…

BUT first… in order for any CBD to work, you have to know what to look for, and what to avoid. In fact, many CBD products—even major brands—have been discovered to be toxic, ineffective, or even fake.

If you haven’t heard of CBD, CBD is one of more than 100 “phytocannabinoids” found in the hemp plant that contains no THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets you high). But, were found to have dozens of other amazing health benefits. Including ones for the nervous system, digestive system, pain sensation, immune function, sleep, skin health, fertility, mood, memory and more.

Because of this, the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed by congress disassociating CBD with marijuana. Legally making CBD’s health-revolutionizing properties available to the general public for the first time in more than 300 years. 

Unfortunately, the lift of the former government CBD ban caused a slew of shady characters to attempt to capitalize on the booming CBD buzz. Of course with unethical, impure, and many downright “fake” products.

This is what leads me to ask Is Your CBD Supplement Fake?

For example, a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that 69% of the 84 CBD brands they tested did not meet label claims. Nearly one-half contained less CBD than labeled, with some products containing only mere traces of CBD. 

Alarmingly, THC (again, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets you high) was detected at higher than legal limits in 21% of the samples tested. Such negligence could cause some people to unknowingly fail a drug test at work and lose their job! 

An investigation by NBC 4 in New York found less than half of the samples contained the stated amount of CBD inside the product.

Some samples contained NONE at all. Other samples contained dangerous amounts of lead more than 300% over the toxic limit. 

Investigators from NBC 6 in Miami also tested 35 CBD products confirming again that 57% had less than half of the amount of CBD advertised!

What an all-out scam! No wonder so many people aren’t getting results. 

But make no mistake. Those who have been able to get their hands on real and pure CBD, have been seeing incredible, even remarkable results.

According to a recent article in Healthline, users of real, genuine CBD report experiencing an “uplifting” feeling, improved mood, increased relaxation, and significantly decreased anxiety when using CBD. 

People are falling asleep much faster and staying asleep, feeling energized in the morning again. 

Genuine CBD has also shown strong promise to ease inflammation and pain, with many people successfully using CBD supplements for natural pain relief.

And to make sure you actually GET real CBD, this is where our friends at Trust Botanicals come in (TrustBo™ for short), founded by the same owners of America’s #1 most trusted supplement brand, BioTrust Nutrition.  TrustBo is also where I’m proud to serve on the Medical Advisory Board, because of their outstanding, honest, and exceedingly transparent business practices.

In fact, TrustBo has gone so far above and beyond what is required to ensure that their CBD products are pure, potent, and meet label claims, I wanted to share their TrustScan Verified™ promise that appears on every bottle, so you can be 100% confident you’re getting only real, highly-effective and pure CBD.

You see, each and every TrustBo CBD bottle contains a scannable smart phone code, which leads to a webpage that contains independent lab results of your exact product.  Yes, that’s right, you’ll get direct proof that your exact bottle of CBD is real, pure, and contains the exact amount of CBD listed on the label.  This is the biggest assurance and consumer-trust measure in the entire CBD industry, and I’m so proud to offer it on every single bottle. 

Not only that, but TrustBo CBD also uses proprietary Phospholipid Enhancement™ technology, where our CBD is uniquely formulated with natural phospholipids, dramatically enhancing their absorbability.

You can think of phospholipids as bodyguards for CBD, as they form a protective barrier around these delicate molecules to get them safely through the acidic digestive tract and quickly into your bloodstream for superior results.

The fact is, you’d need twice as much regular CBD to feel the same effects as you will from TrustBo CBD.

It’s also important to know that the only place you can get real TrustBo CBD is direct through their website.

In these uncertain times where so many are experiencing increased anxiety and sleeplessness, the owners of TrustBo have agreed to make their most popular CBD capsules available today. When you click the link below, for up to 51% OFF to readers of this post… a price they’ve never offered any CBD product at before.

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During these unprecedented times, we know that peace of mind is everything.

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To your health & safety,

Dr. Jamie Hope, MD

*I may receive compensation from BioTrust for qualifying purchases.

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