Juice Recipes to Boost Immunity

Posted: November 15, 2020

When the words disease comes to mind, we usually don’t think of pretty colors that keep us thriving.  But why not? Hippocrates said way before his time “Let Food be thy Medicine.” Unfortunately, where we get our food, what it is grown in, and what it is fed is what is killing us. That’s why we need to take our health into our own hands and use Juice Recipes to Boost Immunity.

Nearly every one of us is deficient in the nutrients we need to boost immunity, let alone ward off cancer, keep us slim and nourish every cell.

There’s also the part of eating out and not knowing what we are really eating. Processed foods, chemicals, additives, sprays, and pesticides add up internally and can eventually lead to obesity and other immune issues.

Juicing has been around for centuries, and for good reason.

Fresh juice from vegetables and fruits has healing powers.

They benefits are massive and they taste great and have the ability to kill certain cancer cells, detoxify, revitalize, and hydrate.

Freshly pressed or squeezed juice gets absorbed into our bloodstream IMMEDIATELY WITH HEALING POWERS because they don’t have to be digested.

Sure fiber is good when you are eating vegetables and fruits, but for a POWERFUL IMMUNE FIGHTING REMEDY…

Be sure to add in juicing daily to prevent illness and boost immunity, and, to ward off and even kill Cancer.

If you don’t want to pay the BIG money at the juice bars….then grab your veggies and your fruits and throw them into your blender!

I also buy frozen organic ginger cubes in the freezer section at my grocery store and add one to every batch for another way to boost immunity and help with digestive issues.

Here are a couple of combinations that are STELLAR sources of nutrients that your body needs to power up energy levels, detoxify, and ward off disease.
Oh, and by the way…don’t turn your nose up for one second!

Get used to what fresh greens and a LITTLE bit of fruit taste like.

It’s amazing how many adults still tell me they are not fond of many veggies…I kind of want to say “time to grow up!” but I don’t. 

These Juice recipes to boost immunity are tasty and will help your body stay strong and powerful in the season that is loaded with viruses and bugs.

All ya need is a blender and you’ve got yourself a drink that is better than a trip to the doctor for sure.

Here are a few ideas that anyone can make and drink to energize, boost immunity and feel great!

Apples n Greens

1 peeled and cored apple1/2 cup spinach2 stalks celery1 cucumberjuice of one lemon1 1/2  cups of filtered water1 cube ginger – optional

Tangy Lemon-Lime Detoxifier

Juice of one lemon and one lime2 carrots, peeled 1 small bunch parsley1 bunch baby kale1  1/2 cups filtered water1 cube ginger – optional

Sweet n Green Combo

1 1/2 cups filtered water1 peeled and cored pear1 small bunch spinach2 carrots, peeled

Berries N Greens Energy Booster

1 1/2 cups water1/2 cup strawberries1 small bunch spinach2 stalks of celery juice of one lemon

Now more than ever is the time to do everything possible to boost health, detoxify your body naturally and STAY out of the doctors office!

EATING FROM THE RAINBOW is one of your best tools to the best YOU!

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