Kettlebells for Fat Loss and Strength

Posted: May 17, 2013

Hey Swinger,

Kettlebell that is! Kettlbells are the best way to lose fat, and get strong. With one single tool, you can get your heart rate pounding, your entire body stronger, and have the body you have been dreaming of. Of course you have to have sound nutrition, but that is for a different post. Today… just a simple, ass kicking kettlebell workout. Grab a kettlebell. A heavy one. One that you can swing for at least 20, with intensity. All you need is your body, a kettlebell, and a timer. This workout is done with 20 seconds of work, and 20 seconds of rest. You will repeat this sequence 4 times.

 Kettlebell Swings for 20 Seconds
20 Second Rest
 Push Ups for 20 Seconds
20 Seconds of Rest
 Bodyweight Squats  for 20 Seconds
20 Seconds of Rest
Mountain Climbers for 20 Seconds
20 Seconds of Rest
Goblet Squats

Repeat 4 X.

No Frills. Just sweat, oxygen, strength and perseverance!

Use this workout 2-3 times weekly to really mix things up. Shake up your body with something different. That is how you get results.

In health and Strength,


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