Ladies. Want to Have Energy, Raise Your Metabolism and STOP Dieting?

Posted: October 21, 2014

Looking for results? Ready to kick that fat to the curb? Come burn off the calories in a class, or one on one to change your body for life! 

Circuit style training with weights, kettlebells and more will get your body and your booty streamlined and defined. I’m certified in Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition and will coach you to have the best body you have ever had, in less time than you could imagine.

From 18 to 78, I train all ages, and get results that last. Don’t be afraid to sweat. To see changes, you have to make changes. The first thing you have to change is your mind, then your body will follow. Your body IS capable of going from flab to fit.

Forget boring corner gyms and quick fix diets . You want results right! You and I together will make it a reality!

Contact me if you are serious about losing fat, and raising your metabolism forever…..without starving!

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