Lose Menopause Belly Flab

Posted: June 11, 2017

If you are a woman over 39, then I’ll bet if you look down, you’ve got a little “extra padding” around your middle. Most any woman that I know wishes they had a trick so that they could lose menopause belly flab quickly.

I struggled with everything from hormone imbalances, to a thyroid disorder that left me too tired to exercise. Although I spent years on crazy diet foods and did hours of cardio…that was when I was at my heaviest. When I got older and closer to Menopause, it seemed to be even harder to get off any weight.

After researching and working alongside some of the leanest, and most energized women in the fields of anti-aging, nutrition and exercise, I developed a simple and efficient plan.

The key that is overlooked by doctors and exercise coaches is what is happening inside of our bellies, NOT just the fat that sits on them. In our daily lives, we are introduced to toxins from the air, soil and water. No matter how healthy you think you are eating, there are too many outside factors that keep us from being our best.

There is an epidemic of thyroid and adrenal issues, exhaustion and depression that is effecting many woman after the age of 40.

I am now stronger, leaner and feel better than I did in my 20’s since discovering how often to exercise, when to back down and what to eat to stay energized. Not only do I want to feel amazing, but I think that most of us want to look great too.

Why can’t women have it all?


Start living the life you dreamed of in a body that you can show off with your flat and firmer belly. Lost menopause belly flab so that you live a disease free life and look forward to the future!


Sharing ways for women to live long and strong,

Coach Dawn


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