Lose Weight, Detoxing, and Rebooting Metabolism

Posted: March 19, 2018

There are so many chemicals floating around in our environment that it’s no wonder we are all so sick. Besides sick, we are tired, overweight and have bloated bellies. Our digestive systems, our thyroids, and our adrenals are shot, and we need to lose weight, detoxing, and learn about rebooting metabolism so that we can get our bodies out of our funk.

It’s so hard to get in all of the fruits and veggies needed daily with our busy lives. It’s even harder to always buy organic, and to know what is real with all of the label lies we read about every day. If you are like me, you are skeptical of nearly every ad you see, and every piece of food you eat.

Actually, maybe you are not. Maybe you are like most people that don’t have time to read every label,  and are so overwhelmed that you don’t care anymore.

I know that if you could add in one step daily that would ensure that your health was better, and you could detoxify your body you would.

Steps in the direction of weight loss. Steps that detox and steps that are geared towards rebooting metabolism. Steps toward vitality and youth, energy and health.

I coach women to try to stay away from the overwhelming big picture. Even though that’s how I look at life…I know that it can be sometimes daunting. So daily steps is where I feel it is at for most people.

Days with more veggies.
Days with more fruit.

Days with Organify, the greens drink that even your kids will love!

Days with more water and no sugar. Days with some exercise outdoors and fresh air.

If you do one step daily, you can get to your lifelong goals and enjoy the journey…not follow some strict diet that has you staring at the scale. Our counting calories or points.

For a simple daily step that will help you detoxify your body so that you feel lively, and reboot your metabolic rate, CLICK HERE!


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