Lose 15 Pounds in under 30 Days with 20 Minute Workout

Posted: June 22, 2016

Is it possible to lose 15 lbs in under 30 Days with 20 Minute Workouts? Yes!

Forget driving to the gym with your busy lifestyle! Who has time?

If you want to lose 15 pounds in under 30 days, and diets and hours of cardio have not made your weight budge, then take a look at this FatLoss Experts plan and see how you can make your hormones work for you instead of against you!

Believe it or not at 56 years YOUNG, I only exercise for minutes daily, and sometimes not every day!
I don’t do cardio. I don’t follow a strict calorie cutting diet….I have raised my metabolism to burn off calories when I am not working out…that is the key!
Your friend and Coach,
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