Lose Weight Live Longer

Posted: November 5, 2018

Obesity costs billions of dollars per year. From weight loss pills to medical intervention. Airplane seats, ambulance beds and ride on carts in grocery stores have all been made larger due to our expanding waistlines. When will we wake up and say a new mantra “Lose Weight Live Longer”?

I’ll be there isn’t a woman over 40 that hasn’t tried a quick fix diet. I’m also pretty sure that most men at one time have looked down at their belly after a meal and thought “I need to so something about this”.

It isn’t about following a fad. It isn’t about cutting out whole food groups. It is also not about exercising for hours on end or running back to back marathons. Then what is it about you ask?

It’s about finding happiness in rituals from foods, to self-care…lifestyle and the “tribe” that you hang around with. Food is social. Food is vitality. Food can taste great and nurture¬†your body for decades to come.

Unfortunately, our society had trained us to know that food is on every corner. With every “mouth watering” ad for¬† juicy burger and fries, to soda pop with your name right on the can. Our kids are doomed and we are showing them how to die sooner.

Grim yes. Truthful…unfortunately. The title lose weight, live longer is not just about a diet, it’s about a lifestyle change.

When did we become so removed from our connection to eating? I feel that it was way before the boon of technology. To me, it seems that we are trying to “overachieve” something with our kids as in dance, sports and music classes nightly…instead of a family dinner where we connect and share.

I think that between eating in our cars and getting take-out…we have forgotten what real food feels like to cut up, smells like to cook, and tastes like to sit down and enjoy every bit.

I urge you to slow down and think about the direction you are taking. Are you inviting disease and obesity? Or… you promoting lifelong health and happiness?

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Lose Weight Live Longer should be your mantra. But not the way you have gone about it before.

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Coach Dawn

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