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Posted: October 5, 2023

Have you tried to lose weight by cutting out all of the foods you love? Most women have been on several diets if they are near, or over 40. Unfortunately, this makes us have a really bad relationship with food, and our bodies. I want to kickstart your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally with BioFit.

First of all, you have to know that your gut is the key to all health and weight issues. Not your “gut” as in your belly fat, but your intestinal flora. When we refer to gut health, we mean how your body stores toxins, or releases them.

Toxins and poor gut health keep us heavier and lower our immune system. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you could lose weight and eat what you love?

Of course, you cannot live on junk alone, but knowing you have to cut out every morsel of donuts, or chocolate cake is enough to make you binge. Right? It’s also said that within 3 months, every person on a diet, will go off of that diet, and gain back even more weight.

Today, I want you to feel better about yourself, and eat some of the foods you love while using this little tweak.

I’ve been a gym owner, and women’s coach for over 2 decades, and still stay slim while eating foods that many think I would never touch. You should never feel guilty because you ate a slice of chocolate cake.

Here I am at 63 years happy, and slim!

Click here to see how to eat foods you love, and lose weight naturally with BioFit so you can feel great over the holiday season!

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To the slimmer, happier you!
Coach Dawn

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