Losing weight during the Menopausal years

Posted: April 25, 2023

As we near our 50s, our bodies seem to belong to someone else. Losing weight during the Menopause years seems to be practically impossible. Even if we drop a few pounds, they seem to creep back up, right around our bellies…the last place we want excess fat.

I’m a woman over 60, that has coached women only for 25+ years. I’ve coached them to shift the way they think about diet and exercise. And, every woman that has worked with me, or used my programs, is living a healthier, happier life.

My approach is not about counting calories, or hours of cardio. Every woman has tried that, failed, and now, many have given up.

Just today, I got an email from a follower, begging me for help, and asking if they were “doomed’ to keep the weight on for life.

She told me about skipping meals, counting calories, cutting calories, and owning a landscape company. This woman also told me she comes home exhausted, and binge eats until she is ready to pass out from fatigue.

This is a common scenario for women. Many women eat so little that they “train” their bodies to store fat around their bellies. Even if they are active, most exercise is not done to build muscles…but actually breaks it down.

As we age, we are already losing muscle mass at a rapid rate. Muscle is the only metabolically active tissue on your frame. Without it, AND, without enough protein and calories to support it…you’ll have a metabolism that shuts down. Not only a “broken” metabolism…you’ll start to rapidly gain weight and not be able to keep it off no matter how many calories you cut.

In my program The Slim Over 50 Challenge, you’ll get exercises that build and protect lean muscle tissue. In addition to recipes for healthy foods, that taste great and keep you full. This will make losing weight during the Menopausal years a thing that YOU have control over!

Stop the dieting madness that makes and keeps you tired, angry, and focusing on foods you can’t eat. It’s time you do something different that works.

Click here to see how so many women have lost weight, kept it off, and have lean firm curves that make them feel great!

A stronger, younger feeling and looking you is right around the corner.

Check out The Slim Over 50 Challenge, that should be called THE SOLUTION!

Coach Dawn

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