Medicinal Mushrooms for Healing, Detoxifying and Prevention

Posted: July 11, 2013

Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for centuries to prevent disease, heal and detoxify. As an excellent source of antioxidants, mushrooms do not have any side effects as do many prescription drugs used for the same reasons. With the ability to enter the body at a cellular level, the support gained from medicinal mushrooms cannot be overlooked. After all, something that has been shown to clean out the liver, support blood sugar levels, and kill cancer cells should be in everyone’s diet.

Mushrooms properties gravitate towards the part of the body that needs healing. From injuries, to ailments, mushrooms have been shown to help with hormonal based cancers as in breast and prostate, to everyday detoxifying.

There are more mushrooms than the usual white button type you find in your grocery store. There are mushroom teas, capsules of concentrated strength, and there are mushroom tinctures and drops. However you decide to add them to your wellness plan, they have a host of healing properties not to be ignored.

Obviously the best way to health is to eat whole foods in their purest form. Since that is not always the easiest way, I choose to supplement when needed. I have found one of the purest forms of mushrooms with the highest standards, the company is Mushroom Wisdom.

When my father was recovering from prostate cancer 7 years ago, the doctors told him that he would need radiation within 3-6 months. He started taking a high dosed regimen of mushrooms geared towards his type of cancer and healing his cells. Not until 18 months later did he need radiation. He has been healthy and active ever since. His doctors told him “keep taking those magic mushrooms that your daughter had you on, they obviously are doing something”.

Below is the link to Mushroom Wisdom’s site:

Learn what you can to prevent disease and illness. Prevention is the best measure we have to protect ourselves from harmful toxins.

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