Medicinal Mushrooms Cancer Prevention Properties

Posted: August 21, 2016

Medicinal mushrooms cancer prevention properties have been used for centuries. It’s always amazing to me when modern medicine “discovers” something that has been used in other countries for years. From China and Japan, to India, holistic, natural and non-medical methods have been used to heal and prevent disease. Medicinal mushrooms have been used to cure and prevent cancers of the bladder, colon, prostate, breast and more with mind blowing evidence that they actually work.

Conventional medicine that supposedly cures cancer is something that scares the hell out of me. Thank God, even though both of my parents were diagnosed years ago with Prostate and Ovarian cancers, they both have a clean bill of health.

When my dad was diagnosed at 72 and was told that he was in the advanced stages of prostate cancer, I went to work. We knew that he had to have his prostate out, but what would follow? They said he would have to do radiation approximately 4-8 weeks later to “get it all”. I researched what people in other countries did. I was lead many times to medicinal mushrooms for healing and preventing the spread of it. My dad’s doctor was quite young and was “on board” with my findings and said that actually some of the biggest teaching hospitals in the U.S. were testing medicinal mushrooms.

The amazing thing is that my dad didn’t have to have radiation until 8 months later! AND, after nine years, he is still doing very well. (He still downhill skiis at 81 years old!)

Today I read another promising article about the healing properties of these amazing little brown plants, put out by The Truth about Cancer’s Ty Bollinger and his group. You can read more about Medicinal Mushrooms ¬†and how to use them, when you CLICK HERE.

I urge you to take control of your own health. Prevention with food, supplements and lifestyle is the key, and having a team of health care professionals that work WITH you is how you will live a long and vital life!

Both of my parents are thriving and living an adventurous life.

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