Meditate Away the Pounds

Posted: September 30, 2020

The mind is a powerful tool that we simply don’t use to it’s full potential. In fact, you actually have the power to Meditate Away the Pounds if you put your mind to losing weight in the right way.

We are stuck in life, because we have trained our bodies to stay that way. Instead of living to our highest potential, we sabotage our future with negative thoughts.

Your thoughts become your actions. This is true and can work for you…or against you.

In order to see a change in your relationships, your body and your health and your future…you’ve got to tap into a part of your mind that you don’t use.

Meditation and Affirmations are a tool to success. Although many people don’t know how to use them….here is a simple tool that will help you succeed.

Here is a 15 Minute Manifestation to Weight Loss that you can learn today.

We are powerful creatures meant to live long strong lives free from negativity. Unfortuanely, we are surrounded by it!

Stressful situations raise cortisol levels that are the fat storing hormones.

COVID, kids at home, uncertainty and life right now IS stressful and may be causing you to hold onto those extra pound.

Today I want you to open your mind, and believe that you can change.

You just need the right tools to do it!

CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER HOW TO MEDITATE AWAY THE POUNDS, even if you’ve never meditated before!

You’ll also get access to a free instant gift 😉

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong, in bodies we love for life!

Coach Dawn

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