Menopause Weight Gain

Posted: August 1, 2020

I have “hypothyroidism” but you’d really never know it unless you heard my story from my past. Menopause Weight Gain makes women feel horrible. So does low thyroid function.

After being at a weekend retreat with several people in the wellness world, from Naturopaths to MDs, to Dietitians and Hormone specialists…I came up with a plan.
Most of the women in the group were very interested in learning about how I said “I never had any issues with Menopause.” Even more so, that I sailed right through it without a single hot flash or pound gained. But… the thyroid issues were harder to resolve.

It took me years of comping data, surveying women, and asking my own doctors questions. Finally, I figured out what were the triggers that made hormones work FOR you, or…against you.

I sat down with a group of fitness professionals that had backgrounds in diet AND natural health.

After I told them how I ate, how often and what types of exercises I did (not hours of anything mind you!) they had my full attention.

Then, I also said that I never counted a single calorie. This perked up everyone in the fitness world’s ears. However, the people into Natural health and healing all knew that there was more to it than that.


My story about my thyroid was different because I KNEW something was not right with my body…but my bloodwork showed “everything was normal.” This started way before Menopause Weight gain started to set in.

When we KNOW something is wrong…we need to dig in and become better informed. Seriously ladies…do you really eat healthily? Or do you eat foods that are “titled” healthy?

This group of professionals were very interested in knowing how I could serve the masses of women that complained of Menopause Weight Gain.

I told that that I had enough of a background AND tool kit…to serve women that had menopause AND thyroid symptoms.

With the help of an excellent team, I created 2 offers for women. These healers confirmed that my ideas and lifestyle would help so many women if I shared the tips and tools for them to use.

Belo are the two digital offers that I created. I created them so that you don’t have to struggle like I did for 13 years. I created this along my journey and helped dozens of women.

Now…as it turned out, my information and tools have helped thousands, and I hope one of them is YOU.

Your journey can be much easier if you have the right tools. I hope that your path is made easier when you see what simple steps you can take to feel better, and look amazing at any time in your life!,

FLAT AND FIRM BELLY > The guide to what I called “switching off your menopause molecules” So that you can rid your body of excess weight (or never gain it!) and feel energized during the transition to the next phase of your life!
and I also created…

THE THYROID FACTOR > You don’t have to have a “diagnosed” thyroid issue to use this product. As a matter of fact it is estimated that 20 million people are now affected by thyroid dysfunction. And, that women are 8 X more likely to have issues and don’t even know it.

Thyroid health is complicated but you should be in the know if you suffer from fatigue, hair loss, unexplained weight gain, and stomach issues to name a few.
This digital offer that you can save will give you information, answers to questions, AND questions to ask your doctor IF you feel your thyroid is off. You’ll also get meal plans, gut-healing smoothies, fat flushing detox plans, and more.
Hormones DO have an impact on women around the age of 45.
However, you can have some control if you remain informed and act on what you learn. Don’t think that you have to go through hell to “get to the other side” while you suffer.

I promise you, these products are jam packed with information and “Dr. Approved”!

Click on the blue links and see how you can go from frustrated and confused, to energized, informed, and in control of your weight and your future with the easy to follow plans I created for you!
Don’t forget these plans are approved by doctors, naturopaths and dietitians, and now they are available to you.

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