How to Lose Menopause Weight Gain

Posted: April 3, 2023

Menopause weight gain is not like any other weight gain, that most women have experienced. If you have dieted and lost weight in the past, none of those old methods seem to work. Besides having the extra weight, most of it seems to sit right on your belly, making you look and feel older.

As a female gym owner, and one that has devoted her career to helping women lose weight, and keep it off…I have to say this. THIS weight gain IS different. And, you must use a different method than at any other time of your life.

As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass due to several reasons. One is that we are more sedentary, two, if we do any exercise at all…it is usually cardio…and three, the biggest culprit, is that we are not eating enough of the right food.

If you’re thinking you need to eat less, or follow a trendy diet with a name, that is part of the belly fat issue. Sure, hormones come into play. But, if done the right way, you can outsmart your hormones and ditch belly fat in as little as 2 weeks.

Check out my pictures on the links below, and hear my story. I used to be heavier when I ate the least and did the most cardio. Misery, binging, and more weight are what followed. Luckily, I met someone that changed how I looked at food and exercise and that changed my body, and my life.

Now, for the last few decades, I have coached women on how to eat for energy, and to ditch the scale. When you focus on strength and vitality, everything changes from your waistline to your moods to how sexy and energized you feel.

The focus is not how to lose menopause weight gain. It is instead, how to slow the aging process, get stronger, and shift your relationship with food and moving.

I have two options for you to choose from if you are ready to REALLY feel, move and look better. Menopause weight gain is going to be a thing of the past, no matter what program you choose!

CLICK HERE FOR MY 7 MINUTE AGELESS BODY SECRET. You’ll get follow-along workouts, and, an option for a 21-day energizing meal plan of superfoods and recipes. There is also a 14 Day Body Reset if you have more than 15 pounds to lose.

Now, if you are over 50 and feel that you are aging fast, and need specific coaching from someone your age…CLICK HERE FOR MY SLIM OVER 50 OFFER. Here you’ll find tools, exercises, and meal plans that keep you full and energized.

Stop trying programs geared toward younger women, that only give you temporary results. NOW is the time to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

I’ll be here with both programs to coach you to your success!


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