Menopause Weight Gain

Posted: February 23, 2019

As women, we learn to deal with hormones from a young age. Unfortunately, most of what we learn is how to “ignore” or medicate the symptoms that cause us distress. Menopause weight gain is annoying but can be prevented.

If we begin a healthy relationship with food and activity when we are young…we are on a great path. However, many of us learn from our mothers and friends that trendy diets, calorie cutting and hours of cardio…is what to do.

They couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why I created a tool to ward off menopause weight gain and help you take back control! CLICK HERE TO RECLAIM YOUR BODY SO THAT YOU CAN LOOK SLIM AND YOUTHFUL

Here is the problem. Not only is the notion of cutting extreme amounts of calories and doing hours of cardio boring…it’s harmful.

By reducing calories, we reduce the number of nutrients our bodies need to balance hormones. And, by doing cardio only as exercise, we deplete muscle tissue. This slows down an already sluggish metabolic rate.

Two of the best tips to losing your “menopause belly” and restoring your hormones is #1. Clear your head of old weight loss myths. And, #2. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW I CAN WEAR A BIKINI IN MY MID 50’s!

It’s not about taking away foods, it’s about adding in nutrients that balance hormones and restore energy levels. It’s not about hours of cardio, it’s about building lean muscle tissue that torches excess flab and makes you look young.

If you are dreading the years ahead, it’s the best time to shift the way you think so that you can ward off the fatigue, and the weight gain. If you’ve already gained the weight, no worries!
Any woman, at any age, can turn back the clock and boost a sluggish hormonal and metabolic rate when you click HERE.

Today is the best day to shift what you think about Menopause so that you can look younger than your years, and move, and feel better than ever!

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