Metabolic Boosting Exercises

Posted: October 20, 2016

Sluggish Metabolism? I can help! If you are a woman over 35 or even 45, you most likely have a sluggish metabolism. Did you know that the most common methods of exercise and diet, can slow down your metabolic rate to a screeching halt? There are certain metabolic boosting exercises that not only will raise your metabolism, but sculpt your body AND leave you with energy for the rest of the day!

Most women that gain weight, right away start to cut down calories and usually start doing cardio. Did you know that this combination can be the worst thing for an already sluggish system and cause you to lose muscle NOT fat?

The scale is not a good judge of how much muscle you have on your body, or how fast your metabolism is.
That is why there are “skinny flabby women”. They are not strong. They are not fit. They are not healthy.

I promote sexy, lean and toned curves with metabolic boosting exercises. Not cardio, and not exercising for hours, but specific movement patterns that torch calories and burn fat all day long. These workouts are short, effective and I have coached many women into fatloss, and youthful bodies by using this system.

I used to be a miserable cardio maniac. I also ate diet foods, and low fat and ended up with a sluggish metabolic rate, hormonal issues and got flabbier!

When I started to use Metabolic Boosting Exercises, I got lean, sexy and looked younger than I did 20 years before!

Want to know that secret to looking leaner, younger, more toned and fitter by using follow along workout videos that you can do at home?


Sharing with women plans of exercising for energy, so that you can eat foods you love, while sculpting your body for life!

Coach Dawn

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