Metabolic Weight Loss Kickstart

Posted: October 2, 2016

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry of lies. I fell into the trap when I was younger, tipping the scale at more then, than I was at 36 years old when I gave birth to my now, 20 year old son. After nearly killing myself with exercise, I am now a sought after women’s fat loss expert. ¬†After discovering all of the things I did wrong, I transformed my body, and I want to share a metabolic weight loss kickstart that will change how you look at exercise and dieting forever.

Remember when you were a child and you had to constantly eat to keep those fires going as you ate everything in site then went out and played for hours? You also slept great, and were happy.

Why then are you cutting calories like a crazy woman, and exercising for hours with zero results?

I broke my metabolic rate when I was in my 20’s. I created adrenal fatigue, and now have a thyroid issue that I keep under control with the RIGHT kind of exercise, AND by eating a lot of the RIGHT kind of calories.

If you want a metabolic weight loss kickstart then you have to stop doing what you are doing, and read on…

You might have “diet induced thyroid disfunction” and there are thousands of women that are suffering from this and don’t even know it. However, this is not something that you can’t take back control of.

By using this 45 second “thyroid revival” trick... watch your body go from flabby and tired, to fit and firm before you ever count another calorie or do another hour of cardio.

Over 1 million people have used this plan. You know why? Because when your friends ask what “secret” you are on to…you will share this metabolic weight loss kickstart with them!

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Coach Dawn



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