Posted: March 12, 2012

METABOLISM……. A word that strikes up negative vibes, or something you have under control? Don’t keep forcing yours to stall……kick start it with knowing how it works.

Do you know if you are keeping yours revved up, or slowed down?
Do you understand that you are in the “drivers seat” when it comes to speeding up or slowing down your metabolism?
One of the first things you can do to keep yours at a faster pace, is STOP DIETING!!!
Every time you “go on a diet”, you put your body into a state that signals it to hold on to fat, calories, and extra pounds. Sure, you might drop a few pounds in the beginning, but it will most likely be water, a bit of muscle, and a bit of fat.  You have now slowed down your resting metabolic rate, meaning one horrible thing….it takes you even less calories to maintain that weight. So, stop the dieting rollercoaster. Stop eating with “titles “like…the zone diet, the atkins diet, the paleo, the graperuit, the” whatever” diet, and  start eating to live with energy!

 Check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s site, it is about living without disease, with vitality, for as long and strong as possible!

Dieting by restricting calories is not the way to better health, and/or weight loss.Furthermore, stop talking about losing weight,… learn how to lose fat, and keep muscle!

Speaking of muscle…….I cannot impress enough, how building up your strength, by weight training, resistance training, bootcamps, kettlebells, bodyweight, or whichever method you chose….is the key to your metabolism remaining an efficient working system.

Speaking of systems……the body is a pretty amazing machine .It was designed to work in a certain way, unless you fill it with toxins, and things that prevent it from being its best! Nourish it with premium, organic, non-processed, foods, vegetables, fruits, plant based fibers and lean proteins, beans, and legumes. Strengthen it with activity, keep it well hydrated……and see how beautiful it can be! It is the only body you will ever have….treat it with respect, and it will do the same for you.

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