Posted: January 17, 2012

Metabolism is a word most women speak of when talking about body fat. “I have a slow metabolism”, or “I used to have a fast metabolism when I was young”…or better yet, “everyone in my family is fat, and has a slow metabolism”..Well, change it!  I will explain some basics once again for all the women that won’t get off of the treadmill. BIGGER MUSCLES BURN MORE CALORIES,MAKING YOUR METABOLISM SPEED UP! The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn, even at rest. Muscle is metabolically active tissue. Fat just sits there. It looks bad, makes us feel bad, puts stress on our skeletal system, and joints, and slows down our metabolism.

 Kick yours into gear by starting a weight training program. I mean a REAL weight training, strength training, intensity based metabolic challenge. Oh right, that reminds me….the ONLY way you will change your body, is by doing something to challenge it. Something that is is not used to. Don’t tell me you “power walk”, or have 3 kids and go up and down stairs every day doing laundry. Challenge it in a way that will shake it up! I know women that say that they have weights at home….of course, I inquire as to how heavy they are, and I am always trying not to roll my eyes when they say….2, 3 and 5 lb weights. Ladies… will get zero results from those puny little weights…(unless of course you just had shoulder surgery and are rehabilitating some very small muscles, or trying to improve your range of motion). THOSE ARE NOT WEIGHTS! They will make no difference in your physique or your strength levels, and you are wasting your time. Hell, I bet your purse weighs two times that amount!

The basic beginners gauge is this. If you can lift a weight more than 8 times with not much effort, than the weight is too light. If you want to make a difference in your body, use your biggest muscles first, and put forth some effort. Increasing your metabolism will come from making your muscles bigger….and working out with intensity. 
There are many workouts that can get you started to growing bigger muscles, thus kick starting your metabolism. Do not worry about the oldest misconception around….that you will get “too big”…it is simply not possible. You do not have the genetic makeup to make that possible. Furthermore, please do not be one of those women that the minute they feel something that does not jiggle, as in a firmness starting to happen, that freaks out and says “I get muscular really easy” and wants to stop lifting…..really, lucky you, then go with it, and tweak your diet.

Bottom line girls. Use the old school lifting basics. Make a plan to build your muscles. Slowly add weight approximately every 3 weeks, depending on how often you lift. Use the oldies, but goodies for the most bang for the buck. Squats (my favorite), Dead lifts, Lunges and Leg Presses, Lat Pulldowns, Chest Presses and Shoulder Presses. Give yourself enough rest between sets, and days off in between workouts. Build your muscles, and feed them with good carbs before, and lots of protein right after, and  in between.

 There are also a host of workouts that the intensity is so high, the rest short, and the weights not too heavy, that are also metabolic butt kickers, but that is a different post all together. One idea at a time. 

 Check out my article in my favorites that was published by Cygen Labs. Debunking the Myth of Women and Weight Lifting. Challenge your muscles, and get your metabolism speeding up to reveal that strong, sexy woman under those layers of fluff!

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