Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center

Posted: March 6, 2014

At Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center, you will change your body, and maybe even your life! My husband Craig and I are committed to you. In an atmosphere of people dedicated to getting results from their workouts, we will coach you to be stronger, leaner, have more endurance and maybe even live a more fulfilling life. After all, when you feel and look good, the world is yours.

My name is Dawn Sylvester. With my husband Craig, I co-own our gym. With 2 Certifications in Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition, I have been involved in a lifestyle of fitness, weight lifting, sound nutrition for 25+ years. My goal is empowering women to do the same. I have competed in the Figure Division of Bodybuilding at 50 years old, entered a Kettlebell Sport event, and have been driven to encourage women to do the same. Whether you want to compete, or just get stronger and leaner, you will see results when you join our gym

I strive for women to stop dieting and cutting calories. I encourage them to stop doing cardio only workouts, and to get stronger and leaner by lifting weights, and eating enough for energy. I do personal training, small group training, speak at women’s groups, and am an avid learner and writer. I also consult with clients about nutrition, educating them as to why they should stop the diet fads and trends, and aim for a lifestyle of clean and healthy eating. These are powerful anti-aging tools that we all need.

My husband Craig is a full time Firefighter as well as the owner of our gym.  He is Certified in Fitness Training and Kettlebell  Training. His coaching is class based with strength and high intensity at the forefront. If you started out weak, you will end up strong. Males and females are part of his hardcore classes that are empowering, and stimulating. A niche of members that come to dedicate themselves to pushing hard to reach their goals. Many of Craig’s class members are training for endurance and obstacle course events as a team. Some are training for their own personal events. Either way, everyone is blown away by the gains they make in these bootcamp and strength training style classes.

Are you ready to change your life?… Your body?… Your energy levels and how you look at the future? Stop wasting time at the gym and never seeing results. Are you bored with your workouts? I guarantee you will never be bored with a workout at Michigan Kettlebells. From fundamentals classes, to kettlebell sport, with strength training and endurance in the forefront, we have something for everyone.

The time to make a change is now. Contact me on this site, or Craig on the Michigan Kettlebells site. Any questions will be answered on line, or by calling us.

Don’t wait another day to change your life.



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