Misdiagnosed Reason for Weight Gain

Posted: February 26, 2020

Weight gain and aging should not go hand in hand. When I turned 30, I thought I was doing everything right. I did cardio, ate very little and unfortunately watched my waistline grow. Wasn’t this too young to get fat?! Going to my doctor gave me a misdiagnosed reason for weight gain.

Boy, I learned the hard way that cutting calories and hours of cardio are the worst thing a woman can do to get lean and lose belly fat!

Something else was wrong. There was no way that I could have gained 12 pounds in 3 months at 5′ tall!

My mom had a thyroid disorder and hormonal issues. But my doctors refused to look at the possibility that I did too.

So, I’d exercise more, and eat less…until…I WAS super fatigued. Then a doctor asked me if I had “adrenal fatigue”…so I brought up my thyroid and my mom…and again, nothing.

Actually one doctor said “you’re on the fence” but nothing I’d treat now. I didn’t’ know what to ask.

A new issue was deciding what kind of doctor to see.

My hair was thinning, my brows were missing, and my nails were weak. Belly discomfort was common after eating, and I started to put on even more pounds. Even though my doctor at the time said….”most women put on weight as they age”. What!?


Feeling foggy was a regular feeling these days.  Days that made me feel like I was aging fast. Women complain all of the time about being tired, stressed and no one gets it. Now I know why.

Aging is a commonly misdiagnosed reason for weight gain. Thyroid dysfunction is a tricky issue that many doctors shy away from. The numbers say one thing to suggest “normal” but the patient feels frustrated and knows something is wrong.

That along with body temperature issues, mood swings, belly disorders and more. It’s a common complaint and health issues for women approaching 40. 

Conventional doctors all treated me the same. I searched for years for someone that would listen to my symptoms…NOT just my blood work. You could find folders of questions and post-it notes everywhere on my desk.

Research took over every spare minute. Folders of common questions and answers became what I looked for. I wrote down tips and tools from cutting edge integrative health specialists.

It was imperative to find out what they did to help patients take control of their bodies. So, I started to implement these findings into my life…and found massive relief.  

Soon, the pounds started to melt off. My energy was restored and, I didn’t feel like someone else was in charge of my body anymore.

Next, I took my findings and put them into a digital download that helps women with what to ask your doctor. This download tells you what the findings may mean. And…what to do if the tests say “your results are normal”

If you have several symptoms but are told you’re “normal”, walk away and take control. You are right when you say your body is acting up!

This blueprint was created so that you can take control of your body. Your misdiagnosed reason for weight gain is going to be a thing of the past!

Whether you have low thyroid issues or not, and are nearing, during or past Menopause… CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS TO TAKING BACK CONTROL OF YOUR FEMALE HEALTH AND HORMONES! 

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