Missing Link to Fat Loss and Gaining Muscle

Posted: July 10, 2014

If you are still looking for the missing link to fat loss and gaining muscle, then you came to the right place!

We are fat and tired because we either eat too much of the wrong thing or not enough of the right things. It really is that simple. Even if you work out regularly (which I see constantly) you might be missing the boat when it comes to nutrition. I actually had a debate with someone a month ago, and then again today that the “average person” should eat 2000 calories daily. They both claimed that the reason they thought that this was the right amount, was because all packaged foods stated that “this is based on a 2000 calorie a day diet”. Meaning, that is what people should eat. Huh?

WOW. Now I get why I see tired, flabby and weak people all over.

So, I have the girl on one hand that never eats over 1200 calories, because she is trying to lose weight, and works out. On the other hand, I have the guy that wants to put on muscle so he is eating “a lot”…his words, and doing cardio. Once again, WOW. I know it gets overwhelming when you want to get results, but let’s cover a few basics.

There are only 2 ways to raise your metabolism. One, put on muscle, two, exercise. So, if you want to change your body’s composition, that is part of the equation. Now, if you want to add muscle, you have to place a demand on your muscles that they are not used to, as in strength training. You will not put on muscle by running, cycling, or rowing. Actually, if you do any of those exercises for a long period of time, you will actually burn through muscle tissue instead of build it. Thus creating a slower resting metabolic rate that needs less calories and can actually look flabbier! Cardio is a great way to lose fat when mixed with a plan of strength training that builds muscle.

One of the things that I specialize in is nutritional counseling. I have my clients keep a diary (I love My Fitness Pal) for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of logging in their food and liquids, they give me the diary and I assess where the missing link is in their nutrient plan. I also do measurements that tell me how much of their body is fat and how much is muscle. THEN we know how many calories they need to exist. When you know how much protein is needed to maintain, and what the lifestyle is, you can come up with numbers of an idea of how many calories to eat. It is usually extremely eye opening when people are honest and really put on paper what they put into their mouths. It is also very easy for me to see what is preventing them from reaching their goals.

The missing link to fat loss and gaining muscle is almost always not enough protein, not enough healthy carbs,  too many useless calories, and not enough lifting or strength training. It is pretty simple.

Now the fine details are also not enough water, not enough healthy fats, not enough calories for women, and too many useless one for men. Never enough vegetables and fiber, never enough water, rarely enough good carbs. So you see, it is never just a certain amount of calories that you need, but a certain amount of the calories that support a lean and energized body. Again, one that is based on nutrients and activity levels.

I have had a large group of people change their body composition by following a small list of actions. One particular helpful action has been to start every morning with a protein shake from my Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health digital book. This is one super easy, and super inexpensive way to add top nutrients to a poor diet that is lacking in what it needs to be energized and fit. Learn how to add in 1 step daily to kick start your body into the direction of energized and vital.

When you have energy, you feel great. When you have proper nutrition, you are more apt to have the energy to go to the gym. When you are energized and get in a great strength training workout, you get results.

The missing link to fat loss and gaining muscle could be one simple step away.

Get energized, get strong, get results.

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