Motivating Tips for Weight Loss, and Workouts

Posted: May 8, 2011

Plan it, Picture it, DO IT!!!   This is how I achieve a fit body, and keep my energy level high. None of what you see on me is by chance…well, maybe some genes, but this is mainly HARD WORK!! Come on ladies… anything worth having easy? Not usually….if it were easy, and came quickly, there would be not a single overweight, depressed, angry woman out there. If all we had to do was take a pill, or order that one piece of equipment that promised “instant” results, we would all be in a fitness magazine! But, since we are very intelligent human beings, very capable of running a household, AND having a career, we know what it takes to be incredible!

I spoke of genes, but we can go against nature, and trick our genes into a life of health, and energy, a life of  fitness, and NOT fatness. If we plan…….and then put that plan into action. Whether you realize it or not, you are most likely living your life in a certain plan right now. A plan of habit……bad habits. You make excuses for why it’s too hard to eat right, and often, or why its “too expensive” to eat healthy. It never ceases to amaze me what people come up with! You have the power within you to stop these bad habits. There are life coaches that talk about how it takes 7 times to create a habit. Start today. Change at least one thing. I have given you several tips, and tools on previous posts. THE DIET SOLUTION.. (to the right of this page) one easy, great tool. Tosca Reno’s books….THE EAT CLEAN DIET, and THE EAT CLEAN DIET COOKBOOK are a must for every woman’s kitchen. These are tools that can turn confusion, into understanding. As I have said before, I don’t love the word diet, but in these cases it just means a sensible way to eat FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!  Not just a few weeks! And two of my top favorites of all times, for workout tips, and actual workouts, are THE NEW RULES OF LIFTING FOR WOMEN, and 101 WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN. I do the homework, you do the plan. Now make a plan today, start it, then stick to it, and don’t stop if you have a setback, and set attainable goals. That is how it is done….Well, that is only if you want to lose body fat, gain energy, and start this summer with a sexy, head turning physique!! Do it today! Invest in yourself with pride!!

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