Posted: July 11, 2011

I come from the same place all of you do. I want to feel good, be strong, and look good. I make these things a top priority in my life. I practice what I preach. How can you do this too? I will give you some great tips to starting, and maintaining motivation, in your energy levels, and in your diet.

1. Surround yourself with like minded people. Do you hang out with overweight, lazy, non-motivated people? Find a group of people that are into health, and fitness. It can be friends that want to shape up, a spouse, or a group. Having someone to remain accountable to (other that yourself) sometimes keeps people on track.

2. Get rid of junk foods, empty calories, sugary treats in your home. Replace with energizing foods that will fill you up, so that you have energy to start, and keep working out.

3. Subscribe to a magazine or two that emphasizes clean eating, and cooking. Experiment with new recipes. This will help you take the focus off of what you THINK you are missing, and get your palate used to healthy foods.

4. Put up pictures of yourself when you looked your best, or other role models that live a healthy lifestyle.

5. Subscribe to a magazine or purchase books, that give you daily workouts, meal plans, and health tips that are geared towards a healthy lifestyle.

6. Become a follower of this blogspot………..put me in your favorites, check out my posts regularly, and follow my advice.  I am a so passionate about this lifestyle, that I want to share it with you! I have done lots of the leg work, and weeded thru the crap (there is a lot out there), so if I am recommending a book, a video, or a diet plan, then I TRULY believe it can work for you.

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