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Posted: December 20, 2016

From newborns to the aged, music is loved by all. Music that heals – Wholetones frequencies are a miracle that has to be not only heard…but felt as well.

Do y0u know that it was proven in the Biblical times that music has the power to heal, soothe and nourish our bodies, brains and souls?

That Greek physicians used music to heal digestion, calm the mentally ill, and restore balance to the entire body and all of it’s systems? Do you know that not only humans, but dogs and pets can benefit as well! To find your inner peace and rid your body of tension, pain and bad thougths, music could be your missing link to healing.

Michael Tyrell has re-discovered the 7 tones that will create a healing ambience for your body like nothing you have ever heard or felt. I am sure you know that music is powerful and can make a baby fall asleep or a grown man cry. That is why it is truly possible that music has magical healing powers if the right notes are heard.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, or just need more peace and tranquility in your life…then  I urge you to listen to the sounds of Music that heals – Wholetones music will calm your mind, soothe your body and heal you from the inside out.


Click here for a sample of 7 songs that you can listen to for FREE!

In wellness and health,
Coach Dawn

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