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Posted: March 14, 2020

My dad has battled Prostate Cancer for 11 years. He is 84 and robust, adventurous, and vital. I have been his “go-to” person for many things when it comes to Natural Men’s Health Advice.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, after having a high PSA level. Unfortunately, his doctor had not requested a PSA test for 3 years. My dad was 72 at the time. His decision was to have a radical prostatectomy.

Before he told us kids, he had 12 biopsies that all revealed he had advanced prostate cancer! It was devasting for a moment. And…the reason I say “for a moment’ is because here is what I said to my dad.

“I’m crying for 5 minutes. Then, since you have all called me “dr. dawn” due to my knowledge and passion of how the body works, I will spend time researching how you can get the best care. And, have the best outcome.”

That is when I discovered everything from Medicinal healing mushrooms, to what happens to men with Prostate Cancer…to Dr. Geo!

Dr. Geo is a clinical professor at NYU, and has been instrumental in how my dad has thrived through his battle with Cancer.

If you have Prostate Cancer or have a loved one that does, I urge you to follow Dr. Geo HERE!

Dr. Geo practices a holistic approach to treating the person as a whole…NOT just the diagnosis or the disease. From how to eat, to exercise to sleep, he covers what you need to live long and strong.

With the current scare of the Corona Virus taking over, Dr. Geo has also been essential in helping us navigate the news.

I want valid and up to date information that I can lead my dad to when it comes to Natural Men’s Health Advice. Especially as he is at a high risk of contracting viruses.

Whether you’re a male with ED, urinary problems, hormonal or prostate issues, you deserve to be “in the know!” Don’t let your conventional doctor keep you on the sidelines.
When you are armed with information that you can understand, and know what questions to ask…you’ll feel better!

My dad is now 84. He just traveled with my mother for 2 months and they are planning on going to Ireland in June. (Hopefully, the virus will not prevent them from their plans!)

Thankfully, my dad knows that he has to be PRO-ACTIVE to stay well. He is also very “PRO supplement” to keep his immune system boosted. Not to mention, very coachable when it comes to how to eat for energy, and what foods to stay away from!

My parents come to the gym that I own with my husband and strength train twice weekly. They lift weights, they swing kettlebells, the get their heart rates up and they sweat.

It is part of their lives so that they can continue to travel and stay strong, physically AND mentally.

Sure, my dad has been fatigued. Yes, he’s on a lot of medications, and gets frustrated that this is happening. But NEVER does he stop wanting to do what it takes to THRIVE! There is NO time to feel sorry, but plenty of time to plan for the rest of his life!

Both of them know the importance of getting and staying strong, and eating to power up their immune systems. Not just now with the news of the virus…but every single day!

Don’t wait for your doctor or anyone else to care about you. What YOU do on a daily basis is what will determine tomorrow.

Whether you be concerned about a specific men’s health issue, or are battling Cancer…stay postitive. And, follow Dr. Geo Espinosa!

Wishing all men (and the supportive people that love them) a long and strong life of vitality!

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