Natural Ways to Look Younger

Posted: October 12, 2020

Women are more concerned with aging than men are. Maybe that’s because women compare themselves to the celebrities that live in spas and plastic surgeons offices. Perhaps it’s because we are obsessed with antiaging. Here are Natural Ways to Look Younger that you can start today.

First, let me mention that I have done hair for 30 years, and been a personal trainer to women only for 20+ years. I know what women are lacking, and I have coached thousands to shift their approach to aging.

My tips and tools work and are simple, effective and easy to do at implement.

I’ve been asked to speak at anti-aging events, and people guess me to be 15 years younger than my age.

It isn’t just genes. It’s lifestyle practices that you can do starting today, that will have people guessing you to be younger by the end of this month.

Here are my 5 Natural Ways to Look Younger:

  1. Start a strength training program now.

As women age, we lose muscle at an accelerated rate. When muscle is lost, our metabolic rate slows down, making it more likely we will gain weight around our bellies, hips and thighs.

Strength Training builds lean muscle tissue and keeps your core, buns, belly and back firmer. CLICK HERE TO BEGIN MY FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT PROGRAM.

2. Eat more vegetables.

Every person that I have consulted with is extremely deficient in fiber. Fiber comes from plants. When we are lacking fiber, we are lacking a way to shuttle out impurities from our body. Women need approximately 25 grams of fiber daily. Fiber is also nutrient dense and a key to warding off illness and disease.


3. Pay Attention to Your Posture.

Stuck on a laptop all day? Walking and looking down on your phone? Sitting for your job, or binge watching tv is a great way to cause a weak core and frail body.

Sit up tall. And when standing or walking…be sure to have your hips over your knees, your belly pulled in tight, your spine elongated and your ears over your shoulders.

When we lean forward we are more apt to fall, and more apt to not only look older, but to have a protruding belly. RIGHT NOW, sit up straight, pull in that belly, and expand that rib cage!

4. Get adequate sleep.

Missing sleep causes tired brains, aged-looking skin and sluggish systems. 7 hours in a cool and dark room is key. Dark circles make us look older, and skin look slack. Besides, your body heals, rebuilds and reboots energy levels ONLY when you are well rested.

5. Reduce Stress and Practice Optimism.

Are you the person that when people tell a bad story, you get all riled up and tell on of your own? Or, do you try to steer the conversations to something that makes people feel good?

Turn off the TV. Stop watching the news. Get off of Facebook and Social Media unless you are sharing something that makes people smile and feel good.

Find a way to calm your brain and body.

Meditate, do deep breathing…and listen to calming music that soothes your soul and makes you happy.

Life is stressful and it usually shows up in our skin and makes us look aged.
When you add these 5 tips today, and start smiling, building lean muscle tissue and eating better…your next birthday will be one that you love getting your picture taken!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love at EVERY age!
Coach Dawn

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