New Year Resolutions for Women

Posted: December 13, 2023

Want to know what the best New Year’s Resolution for women is? Don’t make one in January.

I don’t mean to not plan a better year, but what I do mean is why not start it now? First of all, if you are a female over 40, then you want specific information, tailored to your age, and demographic. Secondly, if you are tired of “Dr. Google” then you came to the right place.

Although I am not a doctor, my friends and family have called me “Dr. Dawn” for decades. Why? Because I have been in the wellness industry for 30+ years and helped women when their doctors left them hopeless. And, for 12 years I have owned a strength training gym with my husband, and have coached women into massive health transformations.

Let me add that none of this involved hours of cardio, counting calories, or naming any trendy diets. My methods are so simple, that many women I have coached act perplexed that they work.

Forget waiting til January to start a plan that’s either one you’ve already done or one that is too big of a goal. The other part of a goal, is don’t make it vague, and don’t make it too big.

Saying you want to lose weight or are going to cut out sugar sounds good, but usually isn’t a “plan.” And, saying you want to join a gym when it’s dark, cold and you’re not motivated, is another recipe for failure. NOT that you are the failure…but that the methods you are using are not geared towards you.

For starters, stop rolling your eyes at social media influencers that make money off of targeting your weakest moments.

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There’s a reason I have thousands of followers that I have built relationships with. Because I used to be miserable, and heavy and made mistakes that didn’t work or last.

New Year’s Resolutions for women are another way for you to wait to feel your best. Today is the day to take two single baby steps that I encourage. One, eat more lean protein. Two, add more veggies.

See how my do-able tips, will get you to your goals, before January first is here.

Here for you,

Coach Dawn

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