Nutrient Timing for Weight Loss

Posted: August 22, 2016

Nutrient timing for weight loss is different than a standard “low carb” diet. Unfortunately, there is so much information on carbohydrates that is negative, people omit the wrong ones, and end up with excess weight. We need carbohydrates to live. We need carbohydrates to build lean muscle tissue. What we don’t need is excess sugar. We need nutrient timing for weight loss.

Almost all of us over 35, have tried to lose weight. Even if we do lose weight, we end up gaining it back. The reason we gain it back is twofold.

  1. We lost precious muscle tissue instead of fat. Now we have a SLOWER metabolic rate.
  2. We cannot maintain the strict calorie or carb cutting, so we binge and gain back more than we lost.

And, the vicious cycle starts all over, usually lasting a lifetime.

I have used a plan of nutrient timing for weight loss for years with great success. I have coached thousands of women into how to eat to stay energized, while losing weight. These women have not gained back a single pound and feel and look better than they did, years ago!

In my plan Final Fat Meltdown, you get follow along workout videos, a grocery list for life, over 45 recipes of smoothies that will fill you up and keep you going, and a nutrient timing for weight loss plan that is easy to follow, and doesn’t leave you hungry!

I give you a do-able steps in a 30 day plan that you can and SHOULD start today.

Why wait for tomorrow or for Monday to get on a plan when you could already be balancing your hormones, and raising your metabolic rate, even if what you have done before didn’t work.

Click on the link and discover your FINAL FAT MELTDOWN…30 Days to Weight Loss. so that you can tuck in that shirt, flatten your belly and get your hormones back in order with a meal plan that has a guarantee!

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Coach Dawn

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