Organic Skincare Products that work

Posted: December 1, 2022

Our skin can make us look older than we are, or younger. With sun damage, acne, wrinkles, and moisture loss, we can either look healthy or aged. Our skincare through each decade must change, and looking younger with organic skincare products that work is possible.

When we are young, we may have acne, or get sunburned. These may pave the way for how our skin ages later. Some products are harsh and cause rashes, discolorations, allergic reactions, or simply be the wrong choice. All skin is different, however, organic skincare can make a difference in how you look, how you age, and what happens inside of your body.

What we eat has a large impact on our skin as well. A diet loaded with dairy can cause some people to break out, or have body odor. Just as a diet that is lacking vitamins and minerals, can have an impact on skin, making it look sallow and drawn.

Most skincare lines are loaded with harmful chemicals. And, although they may seem to be good now, may actually hinder how young-looking and healthy your skin is later.

I use Purity Woods organic skincare products to stay youthful-looking at my age…which is 62.

As a wellness professional, I know that what I eat, how well I sleep, and my stress levels have a lot to do with how young my skin looks.

Years of tanning when I was in my teens and twenties, caused my skin to look parched, lined, and have many dark spots. So, I spent a lot of money on creams and potions, trying to “undo” the damage.

Unfortunately, many of those products caused my skin to peel and seem worse. They also made my skin look older, and dryer. That’s the last thing I was looking for!

Since I am in the nutrition industry, I started talking to naturopathic healers and looking for a skincare line that I could trust. I wanted something that had effective ingredients, but that would not harm my healthy living goals.

If something is toxic and has warnings on it, why would you put it on your face?

A doctor friend that I trusted, told me about Purity Woods Dream Cream and actually sent me some! I was in love immediately with the ingredients. However, the best part was when two people on the same day told me I had great skin. And…later that night, my husband touched my face and then leaned over and put his cheek on mine.

He said two things. “Your skin is so soft…and it smells so good!” He was right. My skin was softer and smoother, and the Dream Cream DID smell amazing.

Let’s face it ladies. A little bit of sun feels great, and is necessary for a good mood, and to produce vitamin D. But, a face that looks like it has spent years without protection, water, or healthy living is a dead give-a-way to looking older than ever.

Click HERE to restore your youthful skin back to smooth, supple and young-looking like I did.

Choose Purity Woods for Organic Skincare products that work.

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Coach Dawn

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