Outdoor Workout to Burn Calories and Get Strong!

Posted: June 27, 2014

Bodyweight workouts are showing up everywhere that buff people congregate. You know why? They work. Not only do you not need to buy any equipment, you can do them anywhere. Have a nearby park? Have a yard? Live near a high school or playground? All of those places make a perfect place to burn some calories and get winded and strong.
Here is a killer workout that you can do pretty much anywhere.
Warm up with 25 Jumping Jacks
15 Bodyweight squats
10 Stationary Lunges Forward, Backward, then Side to side. (Keep butt low and chest up!)
10 Push ups. (can do against a picnic table for the warm up)
Pick a spot that is a good distance away that will be your “TARGET” that you will run to after each of 4 exercises. Pick a place that is about 25 yards away.
1. Run to Target spot, run back.
2. 10 Push Ups
3. 15 Bodyweight Squats
4.  Plank to the count of 30.
Run to Target spot. Do 10 Jump Squats, landing with soft knees. Run Back to Starting Place.
1. 15 Push Ups
2.  10 Backward Lunges
3.  10 Prisoner Squats (Hands behind ears while squatting in place)
4.  10 Push Ups.
Run to Target spot, Walking Lunge Back.
1.  15 Push Ups
2. 10 Jump Squats
3.  10 Side to Side Lunges
4.  Plank to the count of 30.
If you are conditioned, you can do this workout 2-3 times. 
If there is a picnic table or park bench, you can add after each plank, 10 alternating step ups onto the bench. (A real burner!)
Cool down with some walking, then some stretching til your heart rate comes down.
This is intense, works every muscle in your body including your heart. 
Enjoy outdoor workouts. Forget just running, or walking. When you pass a park, get your muscles engaged in something that gets results if even for a set or two. This give new life to your body, fresh air to your lungs, and makes staying fit a lot more fun!
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