Pedicures and Foot Health

Posted: July 29, 2019

Who doesn’t love pretty feet and toes? It’s a sign of a well-kept body and a person that loves to indulge in pedicures and foot health.

Feet take a beating every day! Whether they are out on the beach in flip flops or stuck into work boots, they need TLC.

Since you spend time and money on skincare for your face and body…why not on the skin on your feet?

Feet can show age, just like any other body part. From wrinkles, spots, and dryness…to ragged cuticles. Our feet and toes need extra care.

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If you want a great way to pamper your body and mind, a foot massage can be as relaxing as a tranquil day in nature. Just close your eyes and let the warming waters, wash away your dead skin…along with your cares!

Pedicures, foot health, and special feet and toe skincare options can be found HERE.

You can give yourself a pedicure, or you can go to a medspa or salon that specializes in foot and toe care. From swirling jet spa foot baths to rubbing exfoliating products from toes to knees. If you have not had a pedicure, I urge you to indulge.

Pedicures and foot health should be left to the professionals!

Why stop at your face and body when you can have a beautiful set of shiny red toes to show off your new summer dress?

Caring for your body should start at your feet and end at the top of your head!

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Coach Dawn

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