Personal Fitness Goals…Make them Happen NOW!

Posted: February 3, 2014

When was the last time you set a personal fitness goal for yourself? Have you been telling yourself that “this year I will get fit”, or “I’m going to…” run my first 5K, or try a bootcamp, or even hire a trainer?” Whatever it is, make it happen. Grab that friend, co-worker, or just yourself, and commit.
 Make it a small commitment at first, so that when you achieve it, it feels so good, that you want to do it again! Next time, make it harder. Tap into that inner voice that empowers you!The key is to push yourself. Everything in life does not have to be comfortable, or mundane. Stop just going through the motions of life. Pick up some steam, push yourself to a limit you have never reached. ENGAGE!
There are many books out there that can inspire. I am a huge fan of the book Ten Minute Toughness by Jason Selk. It changed my life. It took my fear of failing at something I had never done, because of the unknown, to a level of confidence to just try. Then the confidence of trying, gave me the confidence to push even harder. Then a funny thing happened. The circle went from scared shitless, to walking away with 2 Trophys in a Figure Competition.  Something I had dreamed of entering for over 20 years. HA!  I even entered it right before my 50th Birthday. Never once saying,” I should have done this before”.The only thing that mattered was I was doing it NOW! I empowered myself with positive words, kept my eye on the prize and kept moving forward. Looking the excuses in the face, and saying “bring it”! Guess what? You have that in you too.
So take that thing you have been talking about, thinking about, and dreaming about… look it in the face, and DO IT. Mental and physical health work together in a beautiful way when you take charge.Have you ever heard of someone talk about regretting working out, entering a race,or joining a class? No, all regret comes from the things that we WISH we had done. 
Stop wishing and start doing. You have the power to make your dreams happen. Make up your mind, and your body will follow. It is now February. Won’t it feel good at the end of this year when you say “this was the fittest year of my life and I am ready to tackle next years goals! “
Hoping to inspire and motivate with messages of health!
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