Posted: October 18, 2011

In the world of personal trainers, there are many. I have hired personal trainers in the past, even though I am one myself. People have asked me, why would I pay someone, when I am certified to do the job? Well, at different times, I have had different needs. I trained for, and entered a figure competition, so I hired a trainer, that specialized in that sport. I trained for a Kettebell competition, so I paid for a seminar, to learn the right way, and how to train for Kettlebell Sport. There are many reasons to hire a trainer. Even though there are magazines, videos, and gyms galore, most people would benefit from personal training. There are several factors that make the “fit” right, and there are many questions to ask yourself when inquiring about your trainer.

Are you looking for motivation, and someone to answer to?
Are you looking for someone that can bring out what you have inside, (maybe that you didn’t know was in there)?
Are you looking for nutrition guidelines?
Do you need new ideas because you are bored, or just don’t know what to do?
Are you wanting to compete in a sport?
Are you afraid you might get injured without proper techniques being taught?
Do you want to be stronger, or have better aerobic endurance?
The list could go on. Whatever you are looking for, there should be a few things to know before you sign up for a gym membership, training session, or class.
Ask for background information. Has this person worked with someone like you before?
Do they understand your personal needs, and are they willing to “teach, coach, and work” with exactly what you are looking for?
Do they seem to be someone that can motivate you, and help you meet your personal goals? Are they someone that can set up goals, and help you attain them even if you aren’t sure how?

Trainers come in all “shapes, and sizes”, just like the clients do.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for a demonstration, or to sit in on a session, or class, before you commit to anything. Above all, you should feel this person has you, and your health, fitness, and well being, as their main focus. Personal training is just that, Personal.

At Michigan Kettlebells Strenght & Training Center, Craig and I are a great team. We work separately, but have the same goals in mind. I like one on one, or very small groups. He likes larger groups, and teams. However, having fun, getting strong, being safe, and keeping the motivation factor up is what we are both about!   has your goals in mind.

Check out our videos on our site, and on you tube.

 We can work together on making you the fittest, and strongest that you ever imagined possible!

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