Plant Based Diet for Weight Loss

Posted: August 27, 2016

Using a plant based diet for weight loss is not only the road to less body fat, but a healthier, more energized lifestyle! Most people want more than weight loss. They want to feel good, to feel energized and to get back a glow to their skin that they had when they were young. So, what makes us look and feel younger from the inside out? Plants. If you are battling age related weight gain, forget trendy calorie counting diets with points. Simply eat more plant based foods.

I am not talking about going vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter. What I am talking about is basing your weight loss on adding more vegetables and fruits, so that your cells perform the tasks that you want them to do. The main reason most of us has gained weight is for 3 reasons.

  1. Not enough raw, or fresh fruits or vegetables.
  2. Not enough lean protein.
  3. Not enough exercise, and a lack of muscle as we age. (see previous post on age related muscle loss promoting weight gain)

If we took out the simple sugars, pastas, rice, bread, cookies, cakes. bagels, and pastries and replaced them with nutrient dense, fiber rich fresh vegetables and fruits, a domino of healthy effects would take place.

  1. We would lower our health risks, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease, not to mention cancer.
  2. We would lower our blood sugar levels, preventing our bodies from producing too much insulin that promotes fat storage.
  3. We would have more energy as every cell in our body would be revived and replenished with the nutrients needed to sustain healthy hormone and  energy levels from the phytochemicals  found in plants.
  4. We would naturally lose excess body fat, and be satisfied and full, preventing binging and sugar cravings associated with a high carb, simple sugar laden diet.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Was the statement from centuries ago from Hippocrates.

When you mother said” eat your vegetables” she had no idea what that meant for the long term. If you want a longer life free from disease, eat your veggies. However, if you want to lose excess flab, feel energized, look years younger AND never have to count a calorie, follow a plant based diet for weight loss!

Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health,

Coach Dawn

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