Plastic Surgery Vs. Weight Loss

Posted: September 5, 2019

If you’ve battled weight gain for long, I’m sure you’ve made that comment…” maybe I’ll just get surgery!”. Unfortunately, surgery is not the answer. In this post, we’ll talk about plastic surgery vs. weight loss.

I have coached women on how to shift the way they think and feel about food and weight loss. When you obsess about food and calories, you don’t feel great or live happily.

Plastic surgery has it’s place, but not usually for the reasons people think. A lot of people grab a handful of belly fat and say…”I need to have this removed with lipo!”

Actually, liposuction is good for trouble spots that are resistant to diet and exercise changes after you have tried everything. Check out this article and see why Getting Fit First is the best approach when considering plastic surgery vs. weight loss.

I coach people into a change in their mindset first. Then we move on to dietary changes that last. Not the ones that all the stars and celebrities follow, but ones that work for real people.

Educating yourself is the first step into changing anything in your life right?

You wouldn’t drop $15,000 on anything without some research and digging first right? When it comes to transforming your body, your life and mindset and overall health depend on the outcome.

Look for valuable and valid sources of information…not the doctor with the special holiday deal if you decide that in fact, you have tried everything. Also that you like your body and eat healthily but want a little “tweaking.”

Start on a nutrient-dense diet AND a strength training program that builds confidence and lean muscle tissue. Then if that fails after a year of dedication, and you still have a reasonable desire of how you want to look…then check out board-certified surgeons that specialize in your needs.

Plastic surgery is everywhere and most women and men over 40 have at least thought about it. Weight loss should be thought of as fat loss and overall better health than just the way you look on the outside.

Hope this helps with your thoughts about your body, and the articles above clear up some misconceptions!

“Coach” Dawn

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