Posted: October 6, 2012

Hello Fitness Buffs!

To really get down to a lean, tight, fit size, one thing doesn’t get much airplay. That is portion control. The only thing we see these days that really wrecks it for most people is the adds everywhere for Super Size everything. Super size not only is one of the many reasons American’s are so overweight, it is one of the reasons that we have no idea what a real portion should look like! If I ever ask people to define this, I hear everything from “I read the box”, to “I have no idea”. Well, not that I am an advocate of counting every calorie, but at some point, enough is enough. Or maybe, it’s actually too much. Again this depends on a series of questions that need to be asked. Am I sitting at a desk all day? Am I in training for an event? Will I be doing an intense workout in the next 2 hours, or is it my last meal of the day? These are some of the questions that I try to get clients to ask themselves BEFORE a meal, so that they eat mindfully. However, most of the population is not living an athletic lifestyle, so I will make this blog more about the average person. Below is a “Guideline” of portions. Something to think about, and maybe store in your brain for later use. Maybe use this info when ordering at a restaurant and the plate comes, and you realize that what is before you is really, enough for 3 meals! Again, this is a guideline, use it for a point of reference.

Protein – Fish/Chicken/Steak/Burger- 1 serving, approximately 6 oz.  = a deck of cards

Vegetables -1 Cup = 1 baseball

Fruit – 1 serving = 1 baseball

Pasta – 1/2 Cup = 1/2 baseball

Milk/Yogurt 1 Cup = size of average fist

Salad dressing/Peanut Butter – Tablespoons = 1 Ice Cube

I find these easy to remember. However, all diets are not created equal. Use this information as a guideline, and always eat for what you will be doing NEXT. Every meal should contain at least a small amount of lean protein. Become label savvy. Know that food packaging is NOT geared towards your personal goals, but for the average 2000 calorie a day diet. This most likely is not you. Learn how to tweak your diet so that you get the most nutrient dense foods as possible.These will always be plant based.

A healthy diet, blended with a lifestyle of functional strength is what will keep you strong, and vital for many years! Care what you put into your body. I will be here, sharing tips regularly so that we can stay fit together!

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